While visiting with the great people of the 4th Congressional district, I have received personal feedback, calls and letters, all very civil, criticizing the policies, actions, and words attributed to the incumbent. Since announcing my candidacy, I have received wonderful, encouraging, supportive comments, and advice.

Thank you!

I acknowledge that this will be a hard fought campaign.  The incumbent has a war chest full of PAC money and his family has ties to very political special interests. In contrast, I am running a grassroots campaign to give the voters of the 4th Congressional district an alternative to someone who rubber-stamps President Trump’s agenda.

The voter who will choose Ron M. Estes on Election Day Aug 7 is much like an Eisenhower or Lincoln Republican; a Republican who grieves over the loss of his/her party and doesn’t recognize what it has become.  Eisenhower was the force behind the Interstate Highway system and Lincoln used his leadership skills to guide our country through a civil war. I don’t think that that quality of statesman-like leadership exists in our nation’s capital at this time.

Pundits will say that a candidate needs to say what his base wants to hear for the primary, and then change your tune for the general. I will not do that.  My message will not change according to whom we are communicating. My base is you, the voters of the Kansas 4th Congressional district, who are deeply concerned about the direction this country is going. I, like you, am financially conservative, and use common sense. I, like you, love our country and mourn the loss of true moral leadership in today’s presidency and Congress.  The incumbent must have thought the good people of the 4th Congressional district weren’t paying attention, and that he could vote however he wanted without repercussions in the primary election.  I for one feel the disastrous tax plan that the incumbent voted for only benefits companies, and wealthy individuals, not the people of the 4th Congressional district.  

Here is my view on the issues:

  • Congress is mortgaging the future earnings of an entire generation. The U.S. Debt is now 18 Trillion dollars, and growing with every passing day because of the newly enacted tax plan.  
  • Trump only gets his way because he has a Congress that doesn’t criticize his actions.  This has to stop. The U.S. Constitution provides a system of checks and balances on power, and congressional power is succeeding to executive power daily.
  • Why is it that well researched, established polling that demonstrates how people living in Kansas want their elected representatives to vote in Congress never happens? Why doesn’t the incumbent ever seem to vote in Congress the way his constituents want him to?  Who is he voting to please? I will represent the people who elect me, not my party.
  • The incumbent voted to reduce the health care provisions of the Affordable Care Act that many Kansans had come to rely on, including members of my extended families.
  • I love and respect our U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, but the NRA has gone too far.  Congress has to stand up to the NRA and protect our children. I will never ever take any money from the NRA, unlike the incumbent.
  • I trust that all women have the right to decide for themselves what to do regarding their own bodies given their beliefs.]
  • This new threat of tariffs by twitter being conducted by the administration is deeply hurting Kansas farmers and it needs to stop.
  • The separation of children from their families is reprehensible.  I don’t care who they are. Congress has the power to stop this, but won’t stand up to the President to put an end to it.
  • My family loves all our fellow members of my church.  My faith guides my thoughts and actions. But, this is the only time that I will mention my faith.  I believe in the Separation of Church and State.
  • The Affordable Care Act should not be a political issue when you’re talking about life and death issues.  The current Congress can’t seem to make it a workable plan for all Americans. Now, Congress wants to do away with the pre-existing conditions.  EVERYBODY has pre-existing conditions. Pre-existing conditions are a part of life and I will do everything I can to stop the removal of anything that prevents insuring pre-existing conditions.
  • I am seriously concerned about the plight of farmers in Kansas because of the tariffs.  Commodity prices are already low and a loss of exporting sales might force farmers off their farms.  My wife’s great-grandfather came from Germany and farmed near Kechi Kansas. She remembers going out to the farm during the wheat harvest and chewing on kernels of wheat to make gum.


I will not be a rubber stamp for any person, party, or ideology.  I will represent all the people of the 4th Congressional District.

Your Vote Matters
Please vote Ron M. Estes for Congress on Tuesday August 7th
The Peoples' REAL Ron Estes

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  • Real Ron Estes
    commented 2018-08-05 16:36:04 -0500
    Nona—Thanks for reaching out! How can we help you?
  • Kevin Nicolay
    commented 2018-07-31 09:46:57 -0500
    This 1.7 trillion dollar spending bill was supposedly pushed thru so the public would not find out about it. So did you vote for it.If so this is the 2nd vote that I highly disagree with you about,the first wad to raid Social Security again and spend the money in there to get the congresses fingers on money that is illegal for the Congress to have done.Sincerely Kevin Nicolay
  • Nona VanDamme
    commented 2018-07-26 22:43:23 -0500
    how do I reach someone with this campaign I have looked on line for an hour. it is critical I talk to someone.